Vote Spiritual

Be Celestial

Our State, and our Country, are failing to live up to our potential. Let's learn the lesson of history, when a society is failing, the answer is always to turn to God. 

Utah has a unique heritage, it was founded by peculiar people, for a particular purpose, to establish heaven on Earth, known as Zion.

Utah is full of unique people of all faiths, who arrived here seeking a better life for themselves and their families. It is time to unify as the people of God, no matter what our specific religion or non-religion is. What unites us, as people of good, is far stronger than what divides us.

My name is Tom Tomeny, and I am asking for your vote for Governor of Utah in 2024. 

Vote Spiritual, the way to Be Celestial. The politics of the world cannot make us Zion, a spiritual goal requires a spiritual leader. I am one who leads by the Spirit, and not by the ways of the world.

Wow! That sounds risky Tom! You want us to put the future of our state into the hands of someone who has no political or government experience?

I do, and am convinced you should! Consider the alternatives. My opponents are professional politicians, while they have honed their skills at looking and sounding good, I have been doing good, even to the point of "marching into hell for the heavenly cause". 

The state is a huge bureucracy, how can you manage it?

As  in all things,  by the Spirit of God. We are spiritual beings living, for this moment, a physical and temporal life.  The people working in our government are just as much children of God as any of us.  They, as all of us, can live higher and better lives, and  use their gifts and talents in progressively better ways.

This sounds way out there. What are your down to earth policies that we can expect if you are elected Governor of Utah? 

There are three areas I intend to focus on, all areas where government is already involved in a large way:

What is the White Robe all about and what is the White Robe Revolution?

I wear a white robe almost everywhere I go in order to testify to my experiences as a spiritual being that have prepared me to be a leader. I look like I've escaped from the insane asylum because I have escaped from the insane asylum, and would like to show all how to do it as  well. When we live in our current political morass, we are in an insane asylum. The solution is not to point fingers at one another but point up, to God and His Way of Love for one another. I hope and pray that you will also wear a white robe to show the world that you have also escaped the insanity.

Why did I get a card that says Free College for All? Are you a proponent of bigger government, with more freebies to buy off voters?

Quite the contrary, my Free College for All is a prayer request, to encourage large faith institutions to "replace the state" in order to make our government smaller. Faith instutions can provide care for those in need, voluntarily, at far less cost and with far more freedom than government programs.

Why and how is Love the Way?

Love is the one thing we can all agree on. It is the foundation of all progress, it is the Way of God, the Way of Jesus for those who believe in Him.  Love is patient, love is kind, love seeks the best in all. It is the opposite of traditional, domineering, punitive goverment. Love comes naturally to all as they age and learn that no other Way actually works. Even as each of us grows up to be a person of Love, our society will grow up to be one of Love. We are on the threshold of technological advances that will free all of us from most manual labor, our new labor will be to love one another.

What does "Be Celestial" really mean?

It means that each of us has an opportunity to live a transcendent life, a life of deep love for all of God's creation, including every person, every living thing, and all of the Earth. It means giving up our lives for others, seeing all people and circumstances as learning and loving oppportunities.

How do we learn more of this spiritual vision?

This is an organic web site, as I add and edit it and the related sites almost daily, learning as I go. Visit often, and click through the hyperlinks embedded in the text. This site is connected via those links to a myriad of ideas, some that may be worth implementing, others that are simply food for thought. If you have a group and would like to get to know me in person, call or email to arrange that. At this time, this campaign is mostly just me, and God. 

Tom (Treyeshua) Tomeny
Orem, Utah